RDF Filter

This package contains a simple RDF event-handler interface and an RDF filter for SAX2. The RDF filter uses the feature


to enable or disable RDF processing (enabled by default), and the property


to set or query the RDF event handler. When RDF processing is active, all RDF markup is removed from the regular SAX2 event stream (no elements or attributes) and abstract RDF statements are reported through the RDFHandler instead, assuming that the application has registered one.

All RDFHandler events are simple statements, as in the RDF data model, except that they've been expanded to take into account information which the model omitted. An RDF statement is simply a single property assignment for an entity: in RDF, the entity is called the "subject", the property name is called the "predicate", and the property value is called the "object". Each property generates its own statement, so if an entity has five properties, it will generate five RDF statements (or many, many more if reification is enabled with rdf:bagID).

A property in RDF may have one of three different kinds of values:

  1. A literal string.
  2. A reference to another entity.
  3. XML markup.

XML markup is reported through regular SAX2 ContentHandler events between an invocation of RDFHandler.startXMLStatement and RDFHandler.endXMLStatement. The RDFHandler interface itself is extremely simple.

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See also ...

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Hewlett-Packard's Jena RDF Library

An experimental API for manipulating RDF files, incorporating RDF-Filter.

repat - the RDF Parser Toolkit

A C-based streaming RDF parser, modelled after RDF-Filter.

The W3C's Annotea Java Servlet

An open, Web-based annotation system developed at the W3C, incorporating RDF-Filter.

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